Some hints to help save your sanity with a newborn:

  1. Looking after a baby can be exhausting, so it’s vital to look after yourself, too: rest as much as you can, eat well, and drink plenty of water.
  2. Remember that babies are individuals and each needs a different amount of sleep. So don’t compare your baby to others or blame yourself or your baby if he seems to be awake more than other children his age.
  3. In the early days when you’re breastfeeding on demand, it’s hard to get a night of unbroken sleep, but when your baby gets older and you’re sure she’s not hungry, get your partner to get up in the night.
  4. If it’s your partner’s turn, try to get a full night’s sleep by using earplugs or try sleeping out of earshot of your baby’s crying.
  5. Recharge your batteries by having a nap during the day when your baby does.
  6. It’s easy to forget simple things when you’re tired. So make notes and lists to stop yourself feeling stressed.

Sleep depriivation