About Bountiful

Bountiful is a leader in providing up to date and relevant educational resources to expectant and new parents throughout New Zealand. Bountiful's community website journey's with parents from pre-pregnancy through to toddlerhood and provides a platform where parents can share with other parents, find new friends for support and chat, ask questions, compare and peruse products and receive practical and professional advice from experts.

Bountiful currently produces two educational resources  - Your Pregnancy and Your Baby which are contained in sampling packs and received automatically from a health professional at specific times during pregnancy and at the birth of your child. Your Pregnancy and Your Baby. We are also currently working on our 4th Trimester resource 'You'.  All of our resources are free to the consumer.

We as an organisation works closely with health professionals and government departments such as the Ministry of Health and Ministry for Primary Industries to name a couple, to ensure all of the information Bountiful ensures that our resources comply with relevant codes (WHO code) and national standards for health care, entitlements and advice.