Bountiful Packs

Packs contain your Bountiful books – full of free parenting information plus lots of great product samples!

My Bump

You will receive this neat little pack containing our publication ‘My Bump’ and samples, directly from your Midwife or Obstetrician on your first or second visit. If they forget to give you one, make sure you ask!  ‘My Bump’ is written in a week by week format guiding you through the pregnancy and it contains all you need to know.

My Baby

This pack will be handed to you by your midwife OR from most maternity units at the birth of your baby. Some maternity units don’t distribute this pack so you can pick it up from a selected pharmacy. The Bountiful New Mother Pack contains product samples and our publication ‘My Baby’ covering topics relevant from birth right through to pre-school.  All in one handy book – you’ll love it!


When you receive your pregnancy pack it will contain our ‘You’ publication which will give you extensive insight into what to expect for your 4th trimester. From physical changes to hormonal reasons for the way you may be feeling, this wee gem will help you navigate the first few months as a parent.