Safe Breastmilk Sharing

Some babies may require supplementation (extra milk) in their first few days, or possibly longer.

This may be a result of insufficient maternal supply, illness or another reason. Supplementation may be mothers own milk expressed (MOM), donated breast milk from a donor mother or formula. Becoming informed about your options prior to birth is advisable and for those who are considering using donor breast milk there are number of factors to consider.

Breastmilk has many health benefits but it is important to be aware that it may contain viruses and/or traces of medications or foods that the donor mother has been exposed to. Most donors will have been screened for viruses in their first antenatal bloods and social screening is recommended to ensure you are happy with the donor(s) who will be providing milk for your baby.

If you are unsure of how to go about donating your own breastmilk, how to receive donated breastmilk or for any other information use the contact form below or alternatively contact the following groups

Mothers Milk

Eats on Feets