First 6 Weeks

Feeding your baby

New babies bring many changes to the family.  When caring for your baby you will probably be subject to a great deal of different and sometimes conflicting advice.  If you have any questions or concerns talk to your midwife, lactation consultant or your doctor.


Broken nights are inevitable during the early weeks when your baby needs frequent feeds.  While parents accept this routine as part of caring for a young baby, lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion. Try to get some sleep yourself during the day when your baby is asleep, rather than rushing around catching up on housework more.


Babies smile, coo, roll over, sit, walk and talk in their own time, which may be well ahead or behind a friend’s baby. All babies are very different and will develop at different rates.  That is normal – it is not a race more.

Immunisations – make an informed decision for your child

Immunisation is recommended as part of routine child health care.  Your midwife, family doctor and their team can help provide accurate reliable information. View the full immunisation schedule for your baby

For more information about diseases we immunise against in New Zealand click here.