By 6 weeks your baby may:

  • turn his head and eyes towards the light
  • watch your face and try to respond to speech
  • make cooing sounds
  • quieten at sound of your voice
  • smile at you
  • lift his head briefly without wobbling, when placed on his tummy
  • jump or blink if there is sudden loud noise, or stir in his sleep

You can encourage his development by:

  • holding objects close (20-35 cms) from his face, and he will stare intently as he tries to focus
  • letting him study your face as you talk to him, that will become his favourite object to look at!
  • hanging large black and white images, with stripes or circles to look at e.g. posters
  • singing, reading, playing music quietly to him while you feed him or are working round the house.  Babies learn through hearing speech, when people talk to them during the first year
  • cuddling him
  • hanging toys – mobiles, musical toys, rattles strung over the bassinette

All babies are very different and will develop at different rates.  That is normal – it is not a race.