Between now and 6 months your baby will be likely to sleep for several consecutive hours at night, and may be more wakeful during the day.

It is quite normal for your baby to have a couple of naps during the day If your baby has been sleeping in your room you will have to decide at what age you wish to move the cot into another room. You may find it easier before your baby is about six months old. Around this age babies become more aware of the presence of other people, and more likely to object to being left on their own.

If your baby protests at being put to bed, wait two or three minutes to see if he settles by himself. If he doesn’t, return to comfort him gently by rubbing his back or talking quietly and then leave the room. If the crying recommences try waiting three or four minutes before returning. You can repeat this process gradually lengthening the time. Most infants learn to settle themselves down to sleep within a week using this technique.


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