Early Pregnancy

The ‘secret time’

Getting yourself fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of having a healthy baby.  It is really important you do not consume alcohol or smoke during pregnancy – if you are unable to stop either or both of these, discuss this with your LMC or doctor.  Another important thing to do is to make sure you take a folic acid supplement.  It’s important to take extra care of yourself right from the beginning.

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be wonderful but strange.  It’s a very special time, when so much is happening, but you may not feel like it’s ‘official’ yet, perhaps because you haven’t told anyone.  The early months are special for another reason too this is the time when your baby is growing most rapidly, and so it’s also the time when you need to take extra care over what you eat to keep yourself healthy to protect your baby.

As soon as you know you are pregnant, check with your doctor or LMC about any medicines you might already be taking.  And always ask a pharmacist for advice on over-the-counter medicines, including things you usually take for colds, headaches, hayfever and so on, and any complementary therapies.  Some are not suitable when you’re pregnant.

You need to find an LMC and arrange your first appointment.  They will discuss blood tests and screening and you will have a chance to ask questions about your care, including where you want to have your baby.

Until then, though, unless you need special care, you may not need to see any health care staff.  Some women find this lonely or worrying.  If there’s anything that concerns you, check in with your doctor or LMC.  If you need someone to talk to, find friends or relatives you can confide in.