Dollarphotoclub_61521402-960pxGetting Ready

Getting ready for your baby means getting ready for more than just the birth The following sounds a bit like a do and don’t list-please just bear with us! more.

The Birth

You will know a lot about the birth if you go to antenatal classes. But if you miss them, here is a quick guide. It won’t contain everything you need to know – but it will be a good start more.

The First Months

Most Dads want to be ‘hands-on’ – right from the beginning, and they report a degree of confidence and enjoyment as parents which their own fathers never imagined more.

Your Partnership

One of the best ways you can take care of your baby is to take care of your relationship with your partner. The potential spin-offs are fantastic.  On the whole, relaxed couples end up with better-adjusted children, and with easier babies. And if your baby is challenging or difficult in the early months, you’ll cope much better if you have a strong relationship more.