Exercise for mum

What about Mum?

This is a good time to start gentle, low impact exercise, preferably to music. If you go to a gym make sure you tell the instructor you recently had a baby. Perhaps you would prefer to meet with some of your antenatal group and exercise, or you might hire an exercise video/ DVD.

Swimming is a great exercise for general toning. Pilates and yoga have excellent exercises for realigning posture and strengthening pelvic muscles.

A good walk pushing the buggy will keep baby happy too!

Remember your partner! Make time for each other. If you have a reliable babysitter try and go out to a movie, dinner, doing something that you enjoyed together pre- baby times.

Remember those pelvic floor exercises

Tighten the muscles around your anus, vagina and urethra, and lift up inside as I if trying to stop passing wind and urine at the same time. It is very easy to bring other irrelevant muscles into play, so try to isolate your pelvic floor as much as possible by:

  • not pulling in your stomach.not squeezing your legs together.
  • not tightening your buttocks
  • .not holding your breath.

Rest for few seconds then repeat them, slow and controlled each time. Find out more