Toddler Development

During the second year, your baby is developing a stronger sense of who they are and will learn new skills every day.  Their world is the centre of the universe.  They know what they like and dislike. This year they will become more and more active, guaranteed to keep you on your toes.


Toddlers are at an ‘in-between’ age for travelling. Babies tend to travel easily as long as you have all the necessary gear. Toddlers are not old enough to have special interests to engage them in while travelling.

Travelling with children can be challenging but a bit of forethought can help reduce parental stress.  Read more

Toddler Toys

Toddlers are into absolutely everything. They are in the process of developing their large motor skills and hand eye coordination – rapidly. They love to move things, pull and push their ride on toys, open and close toddler toys and any toys (like wooden toys) which make noises. Read more


Tantrums can start before the ‘terrible twos’ and are easier to cope with when you know why they happen. Read more

Toilet Training

The ‘right time’ to toilet train depends on the child. Here’s how to tell when your child is ready and how to take the best steps to dry days, and then dry nights. Read more