Feeding and Growth Spurts


Your baby will continue to need frequent feeding, probably at night too. Breastfeeding is usually less frequent as he becomes more adept at feeding. Around 6 and 12 weeks you may find he is extra hungry and wants to feed and feed. That is quite normal because he is probably going through a growth spurt. After a few days increased feeding, he will settle back into his normal pattern. This is not the time to introduce solids. Your baby is not ready yet.

Growth Spurt

At around 6 weeks

Let your baby feed more, he will settle back to the normal feeding pattern in a few days.

When feeding your baby at night, try to keep the light very dim and not make this a play time!

Baby may be waking himself by banging his arms into the side of the bassinette.  It may be time to move him to a cot.