Breastfeeding At Work

Employers must provide appropriate facilities and breaks for women who want to breastfeed at work. This can be unpaid or paid, depending on the workplace policy.

Employers have to give breastfeeding breaks and appropriate facilities for women who want to breastfeed or express milk for their babies at work or during the working day, where this is reasonable and realistic in the circumstances (taking into consideration the employer’s operational environment and the employer’s resources). The breaks are unpaid and in addition to rest and meal breaks (unless the employee and employer agree otherwise). If employers don’t do this, the Employment Relations Authority could make them comply or give them a penalty.

Providing appropriate facilities for breastfeeding in the workplace

The facilities for breastfeeding should be appropriate. This means different things depending on the industry, workplace and employer’s resources. Appropriate facilities shouldn’t have to be too expensive or complicated. In most cases, a woman just needs a private space with somewhere to sit, and maybe a power point and access to a fridge if she’s expressing milk.  Find out more here.